Rezzly regrets to announce that effective Sunday, August 31, 2020, we will end all current services to our users.

As you can imagine, this was a difficult and painful decision. However, given current circumstances and our financial realities, we believe this is the most responsible path to follow. Once we decided, we wanted to announce it before student classes potentially resume again this autumn.

It has been our sincere pleasure to serve you and your students these last several years. We believe in the benefits of quest-based learning as a better path to educational outcomes: you all have proved it to us.

Thank you for supporting Rezzly.

Please read our   Notice of Service Termination  for details that may affect you as we end services.

Gamify your classroom

Rezzly applies game thinking and mechanics for a new kind of online learning platform.

As players complete quests, they “level up” to reach their educational goals. Like games, they'll earn experience points, ranks, rewards, and badges. And they'll see their progress on their very own player cards.

We tie content, tools, reports, and teacher training into one online, virtual platform for engaging and persistent learning. Its everything you need for an integrated experience to gamify your classroom.

We work with educators, instructional designers, educational organizations and content providers to create engaging quest‑based learning badges and professional development opportunities.
Quest-Based Learning
Design and play quests, earn awards and badges, level up. Watch your progress on your player scorecard.
Meet Cool Teachers
Teachers collaborate to learn, share, and connect while teaching and learning in Rezzly.
Earn Badges
Issue, earn and display your badges to show verified evidence of your learning!
Student Safety
Rezzly is a COPPA and FERPA compliant virtual learning tool, encouraging safety for students of all ages, from adult to under 13.
Share Quests
Visit the amazing Quest Armory, the “app store” of quests. Clone, share, and remix quests under Creative Commons license.
Align to Standards
Align quests to standards, including Common Core and ISTE NETs. Progress toward standards shown on the player cards.
Use Cases