Professional Education Credits

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We offer professional education credit for teacher camps through Boise State University. These are optional credits used by teachers who need transcripted evidence of professional development hours.  Please note that the hours taken to complete the Academy quests at the start of Rezzly registration do not count towards credit hours.

How to claim

Step 1

Complete the required hours of coursework to obtain credit.  

Each camp = 1 Credit (15 hours of work): $60
Step 2

Request the registration link for credits in the month in which they are completed.*

Email to request the registration link for credit hours.
The number of credit hours you are requesting will need to be specified in the email.

* You may aggregate your completed hours over several months, but registration should be submitted only for coursework hours currently completed.

Step 3

Take a screenshot

Your screenshot must show your achievements and quest activity from your player card during the required period.
Email the screenshot image to when you're done.

Frequently asked questions

What are Graduate Professional Education Credits?

Professional education credits offered through Boise State University are used by educators towards re-certification requirements and movement on the salary schedule. Most universities, including Boise State, do NOT accept these credits toward undergraduate or graduate degree requirements.

How do I get documentation of the credits I have earned?

Shortly after you register for credit, you'll receive instructions on how to access your student record and order a copy of your transcript. You can either print off an unofficial copy of your transcript, or you may request an official copy (if required in your state) for free. Individuals are limited one free transcript per term but may request further transcripts if needed for a $10 fee. Transcripts are available within 48 hours of notifying your instructor you are complete.

How will my transcript show the recorded credits?

Your official transcript will show the course EDTECH 553 Professional Education: Rezzly, followed by the number of credits earned and a "Pass."

Will I receive a letter grade for these credits?

No, they are Pass/Fail only.

Will I also get a certification of completion for the course?

No, the transcript you order will be the only documentation of the credit earned.

What if I don't need the credits, but I need documentation of completing the teacher camp?

Most teachers have had success printing off the player scorecard(s) that shows your achievements and work on different ISTE standards. If you need an additional email from us to your administrator, email

Who should I contact with questions about credits earned through Rezzly at Boise State University?

Please contact Adam Apperson at (208)426-3713 or via email at